Can't find Installer in Mint 20

In my Linux Mint 20 there is no app so I used the terminal and that tells me: easy-installer (beta) v0.18.1 van Murena SAS (ecorpsas) geïnstalleerd, but I cant find it anywhere.
I tried it also on an W7 computer but I get stuck there also: It tells me it is also installed but I see no way to run it (the only .exe is for uninstalling), there is no icon or anything to run.
What do I do wrong.

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After snap is setup you can type this in the terminal:

snap install easy-installer --channel=latest/beta

I first had to solve that too. I think I did it this: ‘’ way, Suc6

Merci piero, mais a) je ne suis pas très fort pour ce genre de choses et ce chemin comporte des éléments dont je ne suis pas sûr et b) cela ne répond pas à la question de savoir pourquoi je ne trouve pas le easy-installer alors que le terminal indique que le programme est installé (je ne peux pas non plus le désinstaller car je ne le vois nulle part). Avec la version Windows, je vois bien un dossier ‘Easy installer’ mais il n’y a rien que je puisse ouvrir ou une icône.

Is the lack of icon the issue ?

The snap should start from the Linux terminal with

snap run easy-installer

I believe it should also start simply from easy-installer

Here is the snap quick start page

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That’s what I needed. Still it’s funny that I cant find the installer in Mint. Thanks!!

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Easy Installer is inside a Snap package, not all users would want snapd on their PC, as this writer:

Linux Mint doesn’t ship with snapd by default, and that’s an improvement over the Ubuntu base for many users. But what if you fancy snaps and want to install them on Linux Mint?

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