Can't finish install

Hi, I’ll try to install the e-selfhosting side on my own server but the install can’t finish (clean install on debian buster). I’ve a message "Waiting for nextcloud to finish installation…ERROR 1045 (28000) : access denied for user ‘root’@‘localhost’ (using password = YES).
I think it’s relative to mariadb access…
Any ideas ?

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It can happen if installation process has been stopped then restarted.
In this case, as you don’t have any data yet, you can try this and retry the installation process :

  • do a full Docker cleanup docker-compose down -v while in /mnt/repo-base dir (you can check with docker system df -v, only images should remain).
  • cleanup /mnt/repo-base/config-dynamic, /mnt/repo-base/config-static, /mnt/repo-base/volumes

thanks to smu44

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