Can't flash Samsung S8 RMM: Prenormal

Hi everyone,

First post here but longtime user of /E/os.

I’m wanting to flash my galaxy S8 g950f but I can’t flash anything, including twrp, because of RMM: Prenormal

Sorry for posting about this, as I know it’s been asked many times, but I just can’t find a definitive answer.

Here’s the Download mode screen. When I try to flash, it has the red writing along the bottom saying only official Samsung firmware etc etc.

It’s got OEM unlock switched on in developer settings, also USB debugging, so I guess bootloader is unlocked.

No Sim in it as I never use it as my actual phone.

The automatic installer didn’t work either, just factory reset the phone but didn’t install either the recovery or the os.

Any ideas?


Pete in NZ

This may be because there are so many different reasons that an owner finds their phone Prenormal, but they don’t know why!

In this post are many causes KG or RMM State Prenormal.

My guess is that this is the reason. One cause of Prenormal is that the phone is new (usually) and the phone has not proved to Samsung RMM that it is in normal use.

Samsung’s “rules” can be different, but in Europe we have seen (at some time) that Samsung expects a user to make 5 minutes of calls in the region where the phone was intended for sale.

Other times the 5 minutes calls are not “a rule” but the phone must be shown to be in normal use for 14 days. Sometimes a user finds with a SIM installed and WI-Fi connected simply checking for updates lifts Prenormal to “Checking” and this is enough to allow “non Samsung binaries” to be flashed, that is a Custom ROM or TWRP.

You might check with a local Samsung community support group on their knowledge of local rules but I would say that you should just get a SIM in it and commence using it “normally” soonest.

Should you have bought the phone recently, new or refurbished, I guess you should also try to establish that the phone was being sold in its “intended market”, that is that it is not a “grey import” from say, perhaps, an Asian country to NZ.

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The Samsung S8 SM-G950F is the version for Europe (Global)

Which firmware Stock Android 8.0.0 is installed?

The BTU United Kingdom Samsung Stock firmware could be suitable for you.

Follow the /e/documentation and also install

Installing the /e/OS Recovery on your dreamlte

. . .
6. Manually reboot into recovery

    • Install them
    • On the device, go into Advanced > ADB Sideload, then swipe to begin sideload
    • From the computer, please run adb sideload

. . .

Alas the Sim made no difference. Called and texted but no difference to RMM state :sob:

And alas reflashing with UK firmware did nothing either, although it looks nice!

RMM state still Prenormal.

Any other ideas?

Thanks for your help

Yes, for example, take the initiative and research on the WWW to learn what prenormal RMM state means and how you can prevent prenormal RMM state on Samsung Galaxy S8 device.

You might come across the article Learn to Prevent Prenormal RMM State on Samsung Galaxy S8 Device and try to solve the problem with the help of the clever mind of XDA Senior member @BlackMesa123 :::

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Alas that won’t work either as I have to flash the bypass AFTER flashing twrp.
I can’t flash anything other than official Samsung images until the RMM state is changed.

So I need to change that state without flashing anything other than official Samsung stuff.


Thanks again

I myself have not yet been confronted with the RMM problem. But there will be a solution to elemenate the troublemaker declared by Samsung as a “protective measure”, therefore: Trial and error comes after study.

Try to:

  1. remove your SIM card, then reboot.
  2. reset to factory settings BTU UK firmware
  3. now reset to factory settings BTU UK firmware a second time
  4. install recovery

If that doesn’t help, we could try rooting the BTU UK firmware.

Thanks. I flashed the btu Android 9 to see if that would help, alas it didn’t.
Do you mean to do a factory reset (not reflash) twice in a row?

I’ll try that now:)

Ok, so I just did that and now not only is the RMM still Prenormal, but the KG is too!
That’s new

Reflash is equivalent to a factory reset, but it is not the same.

It is important that there is no online connection and that there is no SIM card in the device.

Disable automatic date & time and set date 1-2 months back (or set Region = United Kingdom, Time zone = London)

I never said it would be a 5 minute fix!

Perhaps read carefully the links I included. My first link includes some workarounds, including changing time and date … and checking if the “local” Samsung community forum may help.

Of course the “14 days” is not set in stone either. If you choose to read my first link I suggest you try to work out the cause of your Prenormal.

Thanks again guys. I’ve done the time and date thing, Sim card out, no internet etc.

The thing I’ve noticed is that even without a Sim, it says (on Download Mode screen) Carrier VNZ, which is Vodafone NZ.
Why would it say that without a Sim? Seems odd.
I’m going to call them tomorrow as their Unlock Phone online system that you enter your IMEI number into says this phone is not theirs.

I’m not sure if there is a local Samsung community but I’ll look for one. I may also call Samsung NZ on the off chance

Taking everything we have said into account, I would reflash the BTU UK firmware and activate additional options in Odin3 (I have done this several times to “flatten” the system. This has never caused any damage).

In Odin3 v3.13.1 open …

set a tick (activate) in each case for

:ballot_box_with_check: Auto Reboot
:ballot_box_with_check: Nand Erase
:ballot_box_with_check: Re-Partition
:ballot_box_with_check: F-Reset Time

included in file CSC

Is the link in my first post working for you?

This is presumably part of the “history” of the phone which we don’t know. The phone could be possibly been carrier locked in the past and released, or carrier bootloader locked – as you plan to do, this is important to research.

Please notice that there is a time to do this when following advice or instructions … but without rushing … and one thing at a time … you need to be online in order to make contact with Samsung servers and release RMM and KG.

Hi @aibd, if that were the case, it could not do this:

  • enable ‘OEM Unlocking’ toggle
  • bootloader unlocking

The European model G950F is not officially marketed overseas.

Just for info: I had a Samsung Galaxy S5 with Saudi Arabian Emirates firmware. Everything is locked. It is also not possible to install another firmware of another country or continent.

Hi @Xxpsilon, indeed but this Samsung NZ support page, SM-G950F | Samsung Support NZ does refer to their version simply as SM-G950F.

I am trying to avoid being at all dogmatic, and I hope I am simply opening out your above point when I say that OEM unlocking has opened the phone to Samsung official binaries, but we do still have the partially / conditionally locked bootloader, where we are trying to guess the “conditionally”.

Edit Now found Galaxy S8 Vodafone | Samsung Support NZ also aka SM-G950F

Hey @aibd, yes, remote diagnostics are time-consuming and error-prone, especially when we helpers are only given overly general information. But the three of us have one goal: /e/OS on SM-G950F for Pete. So we keep working on it to eliminate existing constraints.

And I really appreciate your help guys! Thank you

Hey @Peeteey, have you tried with iodin3 v3.13.1 ?