Can't get app on the App store

Hi, I’ve been using the /e/ OS on my FP3 for a few months, and have been trying to download some of my bank apps. It’s not available on the app store, so a couple of months ago I made a request for app ( It said though that the app is already available or a request has been made, though I still cannot find the app on the store and I also can’t raise the issue on /e/ GitLab because I can’t get an account there. I’m not sure how to check on this?

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For a account on Gitlab you can send a mail to …the team had to block user ID creation due to some bot activity which was creating hundreds of ID’s

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Ah okay, I’ll try that option. Thanks!

A possible workaround if you have access to a phone with the app installed, is to install F-droid on both phones and use its “Nearby share” feature to copy the app across.

In my experience many but not all apps installed this way will work correctly. The only way
to tell is to try it out.

I also find the Nearby Share UI to be awkward. Come back and ask about that if you choose to try it.

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The bank app is certainly available by aurora-store and probably needs magisk and magiskhide to work properly