Can't get e-mails and forgot password

Hello forum!
So, I tried sending a mail from my from my phone but it would not send. So I mingled with the account in the settings. When asked to enter a password, I entered the one I thought was right - only apparently I forgot the password.
I tried resetting the password in the browser but it says it sent an e-mail to my account… which will not sync.
Since entering the wrong password in the settings, there are also error messages on the synchronisation of contacts and everything (“check login credentials”).
I tried logging in with the “login with a device” option but my browser does not support this functionality (?) it’s the standard /e/ pre-installed browser.
How do I reset my password when I have a syncing problem with the mail-account?? Help, please!

Do you have another email address that you used to sign up to e? I suppose the password renewal email should go there, it wouldn’t make sense to send it to the actual email account you can’t access.

I’ve seen more people with sync issues recently (had some myself too but not yet gone to resolve it). I believe you need to sign out and sign in again with the full e email address as account name.

Yes, I got the account-activation mail on my main-address - but the reset password mail did not get there.
I learned that reading some of the posts here - problem is: I can log in again if I don’t have my password ^^