Can't get V 1.2 in FP3

Hi, since the launch of V1 my updater doesnt show any updates, not V1, not V1.2… I have a FP3 bought from Murena shop.

My current version is shown on the screenshot.

Now that apparently the bugs on V1 have been corrected I would like to try V1.2.

Any clues how to solve this?


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You are still on Android 9 version of /e/OS. You have to upgrade to Android 10 before you can install newer /e/OS version like v1.1.

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To make the unpleasant part clear: You will need to manually install /e/OS Android 10 to keep getting updates: Info about Fairphone FP3/3+ - FP3

This means an installation from scratch, so a factory reset will be involved. :frowning:


Wow, ok i didnt expect that… Thanks for clarifying. I bought it preinstalled because I didnt manage very well with my first attempt of manual instalation of /e/ and thought that this way i wouldnt have to worry about manual instalation of anything anymore.

Its a pity… I dont know if i will manage.


I think there are two “Fairphone Angels” in your region: Have you already tried to contact them? They might be able to assist you.


Thanks @urs_lesse :slight_smile: maybe they can help.


Do I have to do a manual installation whenever a newer version of /e/ appears? I contacted the Fairphone Angel near me but it has no experience with /e/ installation in FP3. I’m kind of stuck, as I checked the Easy Installer manual but I don’t find it quite easy, for starters I can’t get the drivers the way it’s shown in the manual, and when I download them manually I dont know how to install them, I double click on them but nothing happens, Windows asks me what program I need to install them…

The only thing that occurs to me is if someone could remotely help me to install it… Or otherwise I have to buy a new phone with /e/ preinstalled but I’m happy with my FP3 and the idea was that it would last for some more years, as it works fine.

I’m a little bit disapointed though because when I bought the FP3 with /e/ preinstalled I thought I wouldn’t have to manually install nothing or factory reset. I wish they could have specified that. I dont know if anyone else is in the same situation and how they managed to solve it. Any help would be appreciated.


Not in that sense.

/e/OS is always based on a major Android version like Android 9 (Pie), Android 10 (Q), Android 11 (R) etc.
The same /e/OS version can be offered based on more than one major Android version, so the /e/OS version doesn’t automatically translate to the underlying major Android version.
As long as new versions of /e/OS like e.g. 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 etc. get offered based on the same major Android version, updates will be offered OTA (over-the-air = automatically via the included updater), and you don’t need to install them manually.
But support for Android 9 (Pie) was dropped on all /e/OS devices a while ago already with v1.0, so there are no new updates based on Android 9 (Pie).

Upgrades from one major Android version to the next are always tricky to do in-place, keeping all the user stuff. To offer them OTA via the included updater needs a lot of preparatory work for every single device (Fairphone 3/3+ in this case), if it can be done at all.
/e/OS developers are in the process of doing this for selected devices and for selected upgrading steps. Unfortunately, OTA upgrading the Fairphone 3/3+ from Android 9 (Pie) to Android 10 (Q) is not what they chose to do now, they instead announced to somewhen start working on an OTA upgrade for the Fairphone 3/3+ from Android 10 (Q) to Android 11 (R) without a timeline … Topics tagged development-updates

So, upgrading the Fairphone 3/3+ from Android 9 (Pie) to Android 10 (Q) for now is a manual new install, unless something surprising comes up.

Studying different scenarii doesn’t mean it will amount to anything in the end, but it isn’t nothing either, if you still want to wait a bit.

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Ok, thanks @AnotherElk for the info. I think for now I would have to continue with Android 9 in FP3 and wait if they offer some solution or wait some years until my phone “breaks” or stops working and then buy a new one with /e/ preinstalled, as I don’t feel confident enough, even with Easy Installer, to install Android 10 and /e/ (I don’t even know if I have to install first googled Android 10 and then /e/ or if everything can be done in one step in Easy Installer)

The problem is that your FP3 on Android 9 unfortunately doesn’t get any security updates either, so the risk of catching a virus is increased.

Actually, you just need to follow the instructions of the Easy Installer. It is not necessary to switch to googled Android beforehand.

Ok, good to know. I will try with the Easy Installer and see if I can move forward. thanks

I asked about the Help Desk studying status … new info:


Hi, @AnotherElk, that looks promising!


nevertheless, yesterday i started reading the documentation and maybe i’ll try with the easy installer, lets see if i manage to do sth. Thanks everyone for your help :slight_smile:

Hi @AnotherElk @urs_lesse , after some intense work I managed to manually install V1.2 with Android 10 via Easy Installer!! I think I was lucky because I didnt encounter any major/weird problem, just little things I was able to clarify researching on the web. I’m happy that went smoothly, altough some data loss was involved (thankfully I was able to save important messages and photos).

I hope from now on the following updates will come via OTA.

thank you very much for your info, help and support.