Can't install apps from "Apps" store

I have the samsung 7 from and use aurora store and f-droid to install apps. Now I wanted to use also the “Apps” App. When I want to install any app like Simple file manager pro I don’t get any feedback and the app isn’t installed. I wait now for ~5 Min.

Is this a know problem?

I encouter the same issue with my Oneplus one. The installation don’t start.
I remain use Aurora Store.

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We have an issue with some applications from Apps not working / installing either because they are not the latest version or because they do not work with Nougat. A bug for this has been raised earlier as well. The workaround is to install apps from Aurora Store or other repositories as you have already done. The dev team is looking into resolving this issue.

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I ask me why does want to have a own apps store app when f-droid and aurora works quite well?

Good question. I would appreciate it if the /e/ “Apps” app and all other standard e-apps could be uninstalled.

This would also fit very well to the concept of /e/ - your Data is YOUR data.

The strict (admission) criteria of the F-Droid project are confidence-building for me.

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Same problem here on a 1+One.

And I agree with @archie and @al-efound , I don’t think there is a need for a specific /e/ Apps app…

Hi @al-efound, @archie , @Gregoire,
If you check the link here a ROM with uninstallable system app is the next target for /e/. Personally I would also prefer a set of bare minimum apps on my phone …max 5 if possible! I decide what I want to install and add to it.


thanks for the link.

Do you have an update on this issue? My Samsung s7 will not download any apps from the app store, or download any updates that are available?

Hi @Paule1020 unfortunately there are no updates on when the changes being done to the Apps Installer will be complete.
For now as a workaround Pl use other repositories like FDroid or Aurora Store.

Hi everybody,

Just wanted to say that three apps I could update via /e/Apps are not longer installed : VLC, and IceCatMobile.
The download go to the end and then… the word “installing”… stays ad libitum.
If i browse to the donwloaded files, i’ve got a ton of them. Each time I reboot or refresh the install process, I get the the three of them.
When I try to open the downloaded fil with the install kit app, I get a message that says “this app is not compatible with this phone”.
Mine is a /e/S7 refurbished up to date (0.7-2020010636667).

I hope it helps and wait for the update.

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Hi everyboy,
I don’t know why but i succeed to install Riot and VLC.
The last one, IceCatMobile stay uninstallable and I have to put it in the garbage becaus it is automatically uploaded but not installed.
Today, I just put the last update to /e/OS (0.8-202004139614 from 13 april 2020).
I tried to install IceCat : no way.
I reboot my phone,but nothing happens after the automatic download of the app.

It’s a real thriller, isn’t it?