Can't install e/OS on Samsung Galaxy A52 with adb

Steps to reproduce Flash custom recovery Try to flash e/os ROM using adb sideload

What is the current behavior? Installation is aborted after about 40% On Linux I get Total xfer: 1.00x On the phone I get:

ERROR: this package requires Android 13 based firmware, Please upgrade firmware and retry!

ERROR: recovery: Error in /sideload/ (status 1)

Install completed with status 1 Installation aborted

Hi @ibahnasy welcome to the /e/ forum.

The install page,, includes the following.

Tip: Before installing /e/OS on the Samsung Galaxy A52 4G a52q for the first time, install the latest stock OS version 13 build on the device.


ERROR: this package requires Android 13 based firmware, Please upgrade firmware and retry!

seems to be saying that your phone was not fully updated before you started the /e/OS install.

If you decided to go back to Samsung Stock ROM to achieve this, there is this support topic:

This link points to other sources of Stock ROM

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I see, but now I was able install an older version of e/os 1.17, it’s not possible now to update to the latest e/os without flashing the stock rom first?

I am assuming that this is a new situation since your OP.

does not define your build.

If you have installed and you are confident that it runs fine (I suggest test for 24 hours) and that you were on latest Android 12 (S) before you started …

… then you could experiment with Upgrading your Android 12 (S) /e/OS to Android 13 (T) /e/OS.

For best results I recommend that you go to Settings > System > Advanced >Developer options > Update recovery. Check that this is set to allow.

No developer options

Settings > About phone > Build number … tap rapidly 7 times on Build number to allow developer options.

Now the Upgrade method is simply to adb sideload the latest T build. (This is expected to work because the T builds contain certain vendor parts to allow /e/OS upgrade from S → T.)

The path “ettings > System > Advanced >Developer options > Update recovery” doesn’t exist.
Even under the right “Developer Options” path, there is no option “Update Recovery”.

Also when I try to boot in to the download mode, I get:
partition vbmeta
Reason vbmeta: Error verifying vbmeta image:

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy A52 4G ( a52q ) [ Models Supported: SM-A525F, SM-A525M, SM-A525F/DS, SM-A525M/DS ], the /e/ installation instructionS are very precise. If you follow them, nothing should stand in the way of a successful installation of the latest /e/OS-T V1.20.

/e/OS-T (A13) requires Samsung Stock Android 13 (download for example here) as a base (By the way: LineageOS 21.0 (A14) requires Samsung Stock A14 as a base).

The next two points concern the preparation of the files vbmeta + recovery. Once these two files have been flashed, the /e/OS-T V1.20 can be installed using the custom recovery.

This has been observed before … the option is expected to exist also in Settings > System updates > top right 3 dot menu > Preferences.

As indicated by @Xxpsilon the install page is written as for Android T, but to throw a little light on why you are seeing this

I have to add that I am not recommending the “experimental route”; ensuring that you have run the manufacturers Software Update before installing a Custom ROM is best practice.

When I try to flash the vbmeta.img file using Heimdall

/heimdall flash --vbmeta ~/Downloads/
I get: ERROR: Partition "vbmeta" does not exist in the specified PIT

is must be :

heimdall flash --VBMETA ~/Downloads/vbmeta.img

I flashed the latest stock rom with android 14 and now tried to flash /e/os 1.20 but got:

E:failed to verify whole-file signature"
E:signature verification failed
E:error 21

However the md5sum of the .zip file is correct, any idea?

You need Android 13.

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Thanks for your help so far.

As per is it better to install TWRP or the /e/os recovery ?

E-Recovery is “simplified” but it really does all you need to install and maintain the phone in normal use.

(TWRP (FAQ link) does have some more advanced features.)