Can't install open source apps


Since my Fairphone 3 could not be upgraded OTA, I followed this thread to manually install the new version. It went much smoother than expected, and now I’m finally running a recent build. But I quickly realised that the App Lounge, though it allows me to install apps as anonymous user, does not allow me to install any Open source app. Every time I try to install one, it downloads it but then fails to install without message and simply shows “Retry”.

I checked the settings, and in Apps and notifications → Advanced → Special app access → Install unknown apps I noticed that App Lounge was set to “Not allowed”. I changed it to “Allowed”… but this did not help.

Is there another setting I’m missing?

/e/OS 1.5-20221028230215
Build number: e_FP3-user 11 RQ3A.211001.001 eng.root.20221028.150953 dev-keys
App Lounge version: 2.3.9

Just install F-Droid. Fewer bugs :slight_smile:

I thought about that too :slight_smile: Unfortunately F-Droid is also an “Open Source” app so not installable the “official way” :crazy_face: But I suppose I could use adb install or is there another way?


There is. Navigate to, click the Download button.
When the file has downloaded, click on it, and that should open an installer. You may have to give the Browser ‘Install apps’ permission

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This had bitten me as well, and these instructions worked, thanks a lot!