Can't install paid apps/games

Hello everyone,

I signed in with my gmail account on the app lounge to be able to install paid games and apps.

And I’ve noticed that paid games can be downloaded without having to pay again.
Unfortunately, if the download goes through, the installation doesn’t and the ‘App Lounge - Install of XXX app’ pop-up remains visible but inactive…
All I can do is click on ‘cancel’.

And if I go back to the App lounge, the application is greyed out at ‘install’.

Is there a solution?

EDIT : strange, paid apps from playpass are recognized as playpass apps and are free to install.
And install works.

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Which e/os/ version are you using. I had the exact same issue for several version and it was fixed around version 1.20 (I think).


I have eOS v2 (pixel 6a)

After another new connection with google account, I could download AND install one of paid apps.