Can't make calls!

I can no longer make phone calls. It says “call ended” immediately after attempting to make call. I updated to /e/ 0.22-20220225166118 last night and I think the issue started after that but cannot be certain.

Phone is Moto G7 plus.

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Think I have solved this. Somehow (during update?) the preferred network type in settings had changed (I assume it changed). Either way, I changed it to GSM/WCDMA preferred, and I can make calls again.

Your post was 27 days ago. I have the same phone, and around that time stopped being able to make or receive calls. It was an issue with my carrier switching to 5G. My dialer would do the same thing, say “call ended” as soon as I would place a call. I’m guessing that may have been your issue as well. I’m still having issues though.

have you tried changing the preferred network type in settings?

Yep tried many of them. Plus many of the APNs. Carrier is still telling me not to mess with the settings and wait on them to fix their network. I’ve been over 6 weeks without voice calls. I did however just find a way by messing with the APNs to make voice calls. I can get it to do voice, or I can get it to do text and data, but not both… and the voice is inconsistent. I’m thinking the issue is still with the carrier. That would be AT&T. Still can’t give me any kind of estimate how long it might take. I thought it might be /e/, but after getting a couple calls made by messing with APNs, it’s obviously possible, so I think it’s AT&Ts issue at the moment.