Can't open OnlyOffice documents


Got an /e/ cloud account for some years, but did not used too much because I also have another Nextcloud account.

Now, I’ve connect to my murena account and went to Files trying to open and create documents but can’t open no one.
For spreadsheets and .pptx, it opens onlyoffice UI and gives me a message telling “There has been an error opening the file. Click OK to return to document list” (More or less, my message it’s in Spanish).
For text documents (.docx) it gives no error but keeps showing “Loading doccument 100%” forever.

It’s the same problem if I try to create a new document than upload my owns and trying to open it.

Any help on this?


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Tested working fine here.
There may be a problem with your account, please write to

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Did wrote to helpdesk.
Thanks a lot for check it!