Can't open pdf file on app NextCloud

For several days I have not been able to open .pdf files on my Android smartphone.
I’m using Nextcloud app 3.28.1
As soon as I want to open the file, or download it, I select it from the list, I choose the application to open it (I tested several) and then I get the following error:

Unable to open, the file is not in PDF format, or is…

When I return to the list of documents the pdf is at 0 Byte.

However, it works from a browser.

I reproduce on my other phones. And I reproduce if I delete the pdf, or I test with another PDF document.
I am on wifi, no problem accessing data and no problems opening other documents and photos with app NextCloud.

Has anyone already reported this problem? I haven’t seen a post about this?


could this be related to the current 3.28.1 issues downloading news files into tmp/ ? See Downgrade an app - #4 by Manu

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yes, it is a bug in this version of Nextcloud, now corrected in 3.28.2.