Can't pick up new mail from mailbox

Hi all,
Since yesterday 2022-12-16 12:00 I haven’t been able to pick up new mail from my two boxes.
On the phone, FairEmail (IMAP) says

Synchronisation errors since 16/12/2022 12:16
* BYE Jakarta Mail Exception: Read timed out

On web access, I just get “Unknown error” when logging on (to Rainloop).

On PC Thunderbird (IMAP), for picking up mail I get no error, just a very brief “There are no new messages on the server”.
However I was able to send a mail from the client (so SMTP seems to be working, and the authentication for SMTP), but TB was unable to download the copy of the sent message I usually keep locally:

Your message was sent but a copy was not placed in your sent folder (Sent) due to network or file access errors.

There are currently signs of improvement (I’ve successfully sent and received a message from one mailbox to the other using TB) but web access is still impossible and IMAP variable.

N.B. - we were warned of maintenance to on the 15th December (with only three and a half hours notice), don’t know whether that has anything to do with the problem.

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I regularly have the same problem. Impossible to check my mails on my address. Still today I can’t check my mails since 1pm …

@Manoj : Can you investigate the problem with the team please?

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Hi same for me,
it looks like this is directly related to rainloop since other applications work correctly, and if a mail is to be sent to/from it may take a very long time on the phone while completely fucked up on web browser.

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Well that’s helpful, at least we know it’s not related to the DNS domain name.

I agree, no problems with the other services (not that I regularly test all of them …)

For the web access I can’t even log on (RainLoop authenticates the user separately from the rest of ecloud).

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Similar problem reported here:

This is a huge issue. Lesson learnt that /e/ mail service is not reliable. Email is not something that can be just down for an entire day and then some. This is why I think twice everytime I share my email id. I hope it gets fixed soon.

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I have the same problem…

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Right. I shouldn’t have trusted them and switched everything over to their mailbox

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It’s odd that says that all services are operational yet clearly the Email service is down since yesterday. What is going on with rainloop? And what does check for when it says that services are operational? Is the team at least aware of the issue? I don’t expect the dev team to work during weekends. Which means we can be stuck with the issue for 3 days at the least!!!


Not developers, but admins should. The latter should be aware of the problem anyway, it’s at least 30 hrs.

And the “status” may not be working any better than the mail …

On the other hand, this is the first incident I’ve seen since creating an account in March.

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I have the same problem this is very annoying,
i hope there is a solution soon

Hi, are there any admins around here? A communication would be welcome!

hi! I just received an email being invited to this thread. I am sorry for all these issues you are having, we were not aware as it has been working for us since 14:00 UTC on Friday when we resolved an incident with mail. Also no one from support pinged us.

We don’t know yet if this instability is fully linked to the new Nextcloud version, but it seems there is at least an increased number of connections to the SSO system and this affected email. But now this should be resolved. Let me run a few checks with different clients including Rainloop and the server graphs.

Thanks for your patience,

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Hi, can you all check now if your issue is resolved? One of the two mailservers wasn’t in a correct state. This is the reason why rainloop didn’t succeed to work, yet other clients worked (it is less tolerant to overloaded/slow mailserver).

We didn’t detect the issue because the load balancer sent all traffic to the other mailserver, so eventually most clients were able to synchronize.


The status page is able to check some TCP ports and specific content or status in HTTP responses, but it cannot automatically detect all malfunctioning. We have additional checks and none fired in this case, because one of the mailservers kept doing the job. But this incident has shown we should monitor the webmail in particular, since it can give a better indication when the system is not working reliably.


Thanks Arnau for the info and fix.
Everything seems to be working normally now, IMAP and Web (RainLoop OK).

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Issue seems solves, thanks a lot!

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Oh by the way, regarding the Thursday maintenance and short notice:

  • we announced it on the Murena status page on Monday 12th and Telegram channels (official announcements and public discussions) on Tuesday 13th.
  • we were indeed too late to prepare the e-mail communication to all users (some technical setup was needed).
  • we faced additionally a bottleneck in the delivery of the messages to the inbox. We suspect our new spam and phishing protections made the processing of the large amount of messages slower than expected, but this needs to be confirmed.

So, in the end, our messages sent around midday UTC on the 14th arrived for most of our users too late to be useful.

With this experience, next time we are positive we can provide an e-mail communication 4-7 days ahead.


Thanks for clarifying and fixing the issue. Much appreciated.

Thanks, all it’s ok now