Can't Reboot system after removing "gatekeeper.pattern.key" from data/system with TWRP


After installing the latest update of my e/ OS, I can’t unlock my screen. My unlock pattern was no longer recognized as valid.

Has this ever happened to any of you?

To avoid losing all my data, I followed part 4 of this topic (without needing Aroma file Manager) and so I deleted in recovery mode with TWRP the file “gatekeeper.pattern.key” in the data/system:

Problem: when I ask TWRP Reboot System, e/ OS starts but remains blocked in the startup phase on the logo page and the phone ends up rebooting on TWRP.

Can anyone help me?

I imagine that it would be necessary to replace the file “gatekeeper.pattern.key” with the same file corresponding to a known pattern, or another solution… I don’t know where to find a “gatekeeper.pattern.key” file nor how to access the data/system folder… ??

Can you help me please ??? Jerome

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