Can't redirect to NewPipe by default on YouTube Website in Browser

Hello everyone,

videos won’t open in NewPipe by default, when clicking on thumbnails on youtubes page in browsers. Links on other websites work though.

What could be wrong?


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I don’t know if this is helpful: I change settings in
Settings->Apps and notification->Default apps->Link open then set ON open link for instant apps.
From here, in Fennec 3-dots, and mayne others browser, you find “open in another app”

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Unfortunately I can’t change this setting neither in fennec nor e’s system browser :confused: There is no popup menu showing up, in NewPipe’s settings I can though.

As said, it works for all links anywhere else than on the youtube website.

…this is not a browser setting but a system setting…

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Thanks for your replies!

Sorry for being inaccurate, I meant “for” not “in”. I know, I changed the setting for NewPipe there, but i can’t tap or anything for the browsers in this system setting.

I even installed the youtube app for testing, if it is maybe that won’t let me open in a different app for default, but it did not work either.

So I’m afraid but I can’t help you anymore on this. :pensive: Maybe someone else can. I think it would be better to know your phone (FP3?) and the OS version.

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