Can't root my S7 via Odin - Little debat of root purpose on /e/OS

Hey guys !

It’s been a while I’ve tried to root my phone via Odin, and, for an unknown reason, it didn’t. As I took too much time to get /e/OS installed on my Samsung S7 (I’m sure some people are starting to know me now…), I don’t want to mess with that. I used to have my phone rooted when it was on Android (in order to flash TWRP), but with the /e/OS installation it’s no longer the case.
So, firstly, has it any interest to root an /e/OS phone ? If yes, why didn’t it work when I tried to root it via Odin ? And why isn’t it rooted anymore ?
Thanks for your help and your patience !

Hello @VinK3645 ,

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you why rooting did not work on /e/OS, but regarding

I would say that the reason to root /e/OS is the same as on stock Android: You probably had one or several use cases where you needed root on stock Android, so the same use cases will probably apply to your /e/OS installation, too. For instance, you may want to use a backup solution like NeoBackup, install a privacy solution like XPrivacyLua or use an ad blocker like AdAway.

Have you tried to flash the “magisk patched boot.img” using TWRP ?

Oh, well… Quite handy ! But are you that rooting via Odin don’t work on /e/OS ? Like… for all devices ?

I didn’t. I installed magisk, but didn’t want to try anything I wouldn’t be able to carry on… Besides, I don’t know how Magisk works and what it is about.

Isn´t Magisk supposed to be installed at the same time as the OS? So, when you only have installed /e/OS, Magisk can´t be installed afterwards. Am I correct? I think Piero knows the answer, but this post confirms my belief: How to root eOS without TWRP? - #5 by anon29344687

no, 2 options :

  • using the magisk app on an android device, you need to patch the boot.img (or the recovery.img) of the /e/ install .ZIP, before flashing it on the device.

  • using the magisk app on the /e/ installed device, you need to patch the boot.img (or the recovery.img) of the /e/ install .ZIP, before flashing the patched boot.img (or the patched recovery.img) on the device.

I don’t really understand how you can apply the second option… I have already tried to install Magisk, but it didn’t work as I needed to root my phone. How do you patch the file and which one ?