[Howto] install magisk and hide that OS have been modified

Magisk installation details depends on your device type


Follow OFFICIAL Magisk Installation instructions


Magisk configuration details


Open Magisk settings

Image 1641578445.png

Hide the Magisk app

Image 1644064420.png

Name the app of your choice and click OK

Image 1644064425.png

Create shortcut when asked

Image 1644064862.png

Open Magisk settings again and enable Zygisk. Do not enable Enforce DenyList

Image 1644072391.png

Choose the apps you would like to hide from detection

Image 1641578481.png

Reboot to take effect.

This settings usually only work with basic detections. Before we go further, try the apps you want to use, see if it detect root or doing some strange fake bugs like connection error. If not, and you can use the apps perfectly, you do not need to hide more

If the apps are still detecting it, you need to install some modules to hide even more

You need the following modules:

How to install modules:

Go to modules tab and select Install from storage

Image 1644072998.png



Hi, thanks for the summary and tutorial, but I have two questions:

  • Why not enable “Enforce DenyList”? I think without this option, marking apps in “Configure DenyList” doesnt do anything (Shamiko is of course a special case, since it requires DenyList deactivated, but uses the List to select which apps to blacklist)

  • I think you need something like MagiskHide Props Config to even be able to use the SafetyNet Fix on rooted /e/ phones, or?

For Samsung not using TWRP but “recovery-e”, that can only flash “.ZIP” files, you need to use “Heimdall” (linux/macos) to flash “.IMG” files or “Odin” (windows) to flash “.TAR” files

Tx, i will fix the howto.

I used to use magisk (in my case, only with universal safetynet-fix and shamiko modules)

But recently, a simplier solution has been shared to make bank apps working on an /e/OS device, thanks to @saroumane38 : modify 2 lines in the /system/build.prop file

English version in the second part of this post (deepL.translator)

Editer le fichier pour ajouter (ou modifier) ces 2 variables:

English version :

Edit the file to add (or modify) these 2 variables:


Just a question: will this method survive an OTA update? Or need to do it again and again and again?

The magisk one don’t survive to an update

That’s not entirely true. Magisk can very well survive an OTA. The steps for that are:

  • download the OTA
  • install the OTA but do NOT reboot
  • open Magisk app
  • go to “Install Magisk” (first one, the program, not the app)
  • chose “install in inactive slot”
  • reboot

OTA taken, Magisk preserved. Of course, this works only on A/B devices.

But my question actually was, if the trick mentioned above (changing lines under Linux) will survive an OTA.

Reason for that question is… I don’t run Linux, I don’t know Linux. So going to a friend to do this trick once is okay. But not every month.

All in linux or android is text files,
You can modify the phone android /system/build.prop file using any text editor even running a windows machine not linux.
Data transfert betwen phone<–>pc are managed by ADB (android debug bridge) installed and running in a terminal/console/command-prompt even on a windows machine.

Good luck.

Thanks Piero, that I understand. But the question is: does it “survive” an OTA update or does it need to be done again and again after each OTA?

No, you need to do it again.

A source for magisk modules


I followed the steps in changing the build.prop-file. Unfortunately this did not solve my problem, but later on I discovered the Magisk module of “ez-me” called “Hide UserDebug, Test-Keys and LineageOS”. That did the trick.

But now I have another problem!

Once I wanted to take an OTA to /e/OS V1.16, I got an error message. Of course, that was AFTER I (temporarely) deleted the Magisk module “Hide UserDebug, Test-Keys and LineageOS”. It still gives an error (the OTA installer downloads the update, after download it directly it just says “Error” (nothing else).

Now I’ve put back the ORIGINAL build.prop (of which I kept a copy). Now, this did NOT change anything. OTA does not work. So I am out of ideas. I am on a OnePlus 9 (Lemonade) and this is my daily driver (FOR WORK, so making mistakes or getting loops etc. is NOT an option here). There is no TWRP as far as I consider so I uses the /e/OS recovery.

My question is: can I just SIDELOAD the OTA (I have the file on my PC), and can I JUST LIKE THAT sideload / install it and will everything work? Will that overwrite the “problematic” build.prop?

And if so, is there a way to keep root directly? And do I need to turn off fingerprint unlock and passcodes?

Hope someone can help. I do not wish to stay on an old version. Thank you!

Yes, it is the traditionnal way to update… (you will loose Magisk-boot).

Thank you for your quick reply, Piero. But since I can’t risk a brick, bootloop or screw up… Is there any risk?

I mean, I know HOW TO sideload etc. And I can directly sideload Magisk after flashing. But is there something that can go wrong because of the build.prop that gives this error?