Can't see Samsung Buds+ in Bluetooth

I am using a Samsung S7, that has the Echo problem, I have some Galaxy Buds+ (SM-R175) kicking around that I have never used, and might provide a sort of solution.

However I cannot see them as a Bluetooth Device, either on my Galaxy S7 or on my Windows Laptop.

I have used these scanners on the phone Wunderfind and nrf Connect, but they see no devices at all, despite ‘Settings’ seeing other devices, (just not the Buds).

I do not have the Galaxy Wearables app installed as I dont think that is necessary, the App Lounge reports it has no trackers, but not sure if that can be trusted.

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I found a 45 page manual here, includes

The Galaxy Wearable app must be installed on your mobile device.

I found this interesting

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Thanks, thats helpful.
However on my PC I dont think any Samsung App is required to coonect say a laptop to the Buds, and I simply want to check the Buds are working at this stage.
There is something called the Galaxy Buds PC App, but it only works with Buds2 Pro, Buds Live, Buds Pro, not the Buds+.

Seems odd none of the Blue Tooth scanners are picking up the Buds.

I guess ideally I should test them on with my S7 phone, which requires the Wearables App.

The Samsung Wearables App is available from the App Lounge, which as I understand it it in turn gets from Google Play Store (if it cannot get it from F-Droid first, which it is not available on), but MicroG protects your privacy in the process of downloading it. Presume any ongoing tracking by the inadvertent downloading from Googles Play Store is also obfuscated by MicroG.

Exodus reports no trackers (which it knows of) which appears good.


  • seems additional ‘Galaxy Health’ app does the tracking.


The Wearables App requires ‘Location’ to be turned on, on the phone, not sure why if there is no tracking, however I understand that /e/OS cleverly spoofs the location anyway, is that correct ?

And something I am sure we are all aware of here.although unsure if this does or does not apply to Buds:

The appendix of the manual I linked has a few words about the charging case, restarting and pairing … might be more complex than one might guess, idk, in addition, re laptop connection, I expect you already searched before asking but just in case …

… one would hope … and Advanced Privacy might help block unwanted things … or it might prevent what Samsung considers useful from working correctly !

In addition, with Samsung devices we do not always know where proprietary blobs are in use, again idk, sorry.

However, testing that the buds are working, would be the important Step 1.

Then you can move on to whether they would actually be useful to you … myself I would test the “Custom Rom app” which I linked.