Can't stop music from syncing to ecloud

Just downloaded some music to my phone (Samsung S5) and now the 1 gb free space is full. Looked in the account and settings and can see calendar, task pics and video toggles but do not see a music toggle to turn off that from syncing? I do not need to sync the music as i have the files backed up elsewhere. Do i need to delete that music folder in the web page for ecloud or does that delete off my phone as well. Not clear if this can be done.


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What about the file toggle? You can also download the Nextcloud client to manage automatic sync of your files and disable music files. I think it should be the same for your music as it is for my pictures, removing them on the cloud doesn’t remove them on the phone.

If you put your music in a folder with a different name on your phone it will not sync with ecloud but the music app will still find it.

Hi all. Thanks for the suggestions. I tried the move to another folder but it did not seem to update the ecloud. Just deleting the music folder seemed to do the trick. Thanks again for the suggestions and quick responses!!