Can't unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 after update

I just updated my /e/os to 1.0 and now I can’t unlock it anymore. I can unlock my SIM however unlocking my screen using the PIN results in a 1-second black screen followed by the locked screen showing up again.

Is there a way to solve this?

Just a thought; you might check if the phone is now unexpectedly encrypted?

Settings > Security > Encryption and credentials

Good thought, however I can’t check this since my phone is locked, thus I can’t access the phone settings.

Another thought on the same avenue; are you able to boot into Recovery? I might assume you still had TWRP, but it might have been overwritten by an /e/ Recovery.

I am not very familiar with /e/ Recovery – maybe first thing to find out which recovery you have installed.

I don’t think others have reported unexpected data encryption on S7 but this group of threads shows the issue in the S9 OTA Upgrade: #ota-upgrade

Hi @aibd, you’re right, TWRP has indeed been overwritten by /e/ Recovery. Does this have any effect on the phone regarding being able to be locked or not?

This is something of a guess on my part.

One thing you could do is to contact to see what the official advice is.

If you are ok with the prospect of losing your data, you could use /e/ Recovery to perform a Factory reset. You should be warned that this will wipe data.

I would hope this would return you to the First start wizard and a clean phone.

I can very much understand that you might well prefer to get better informed advice before doing this.

Worst case might be that you could have to reinstall /e/, so you might chose not to do this till you are out of options.

Hi @aibd,
I chose to factory reset the phone and now everything works again. Asides from reinstalling all the apps that’s okay for me.
Thanks for trying to help out here.
Best, taiBsu

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