Can't update /e/

Hi, i have downloaded the current version but it reboots to orangefox when i try to install the update. Do i need to install it manually? Where can i find the file in Orangefox? I get the notification that it requires a compatible recovery-system. If not it has to be done manually. So how can i update /e/? :slight_smile: Thanks

From recovery-manager, downloaded OTA updates files are in this folder :


Sadly no. The folder is empty. It’s pretty complicated. I go to internal storage, then data but there is nothing inside.

Internal storage (sdcard) is a “special” part of /data partition which is the only one accessible by normal user, the rest of /data partition is only accessible with root privilège (or from recovery-manager)…
even there is a /data/sdcard/android/data folder where apps preferences are stored.

I don’t know orangefox, but you may have to mount /data first before been abble to access to it.

Are you definitively sure that the update file has been downloaded ? (normaly into /data/lineageos_updates)


MOST IMPORTANT : What is your device name ? what version is actually installed ?

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