Can't update LG G5 to latest Android before migrate to /e/

Hello there,

I would like to migrate a LG G5 to /e/. However, I read in the /e/ install doc:

ensure that the device is on the latest Android Stock firmware same as the version of the /e/OS you are planning to install

My G5 is running Android 6.0.1. But /e/ OS build is R.

Do I need to get an higher android version before migrating to /e/? If yes, how can I do? G5 is supposed to be able to run android 8, but my phone doesn’t see any software update available OTA…

Thanks for your help!


You must install latest stock firmware available.
Exept if it is higher than the /e/version

Install android 8 over android 6 is not an update.
It is an upgrade

Ok, but the thing I don’t understand is why Android doesn’t propose me to upGRADE? Even through Settings/About phone/Update Center…

Do I have to manually upgrade the android version using such a method?

You’ve got some research to do and it would help if you edited the title of the topic to include “LG G5”. It may attract some experienced LG help! You should see a little pencil icon on the top of the topic.

I’ve had a quick look on the web and yes, it looks like you may have to use LGUP to install a stock KDZ file (these would appear to be particular to LG). For this you would need windows pc. If you were on linux you may need a different approach.

You’re going to need to unlock bootloader at some point, find out how to do this for LG device (unless already unlocked)

XDA is often a good source of help in these situations but you will need to sift through all the info to find what’s good for you. Here’s a link to get you started.

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because it is a vendor feature

… but you might see if there is some LG support channel you can reach; there may be a known way to restart the manufacture’s system, unless something like unlocking the phone, say, has broken the updating mechanism?

I finally succeed in upgrading to android 7 using LGUP and this sdk: H850 7.0 Nougat KDZ Download [v20A N OS] | XDA Forums

From this version, I was about to migrate to lineageOS 18.1 (which require android 7 at least for my device).

So now I will experience lineage a little before migrating to /e/ (which should be possible now I am running an android 11)

Thanks for your help!

(However, I still really don’t understand why LG has released an android 7 (and even an android 8) version for this device which was not available through OTA update… They did all this work for the very few users able to manually upgrade?)