Can't upload or install certain apps in app store

Hi, i have a FP3, last update of august installed. Almost all apps installed via app store upgraded fine but two of them (nextcloud and wallapop) get stucked in 0% and then the download button shows again. I tried uninstalling and installing wallapop app again, but now i cant even install it. Is there any solution? It seems like an app specific problem, but i guess nextcloud is a popular app here so i would like to know if anyone is experimenting the same problem.

I would rather solve this without having to install wallapop via Aurora store (its not in f-droid)

Thanks for your help

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Hi, I had the same problem not being able to download Nextcloud from the app store. Luckily I found it on F-Droid so downloaded from there.

Hi @Doug, thanks, I downloaded nextcloud from f-droid. For the other app that isnt in f-droid (Wallapop), the only solution is to install it via Aurora or Yalp?

Iā€™m no expert, but yes I think so.

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