Can't use my SD card as I would like to

Hey guys,

I have a 120go sd card that I would like to use as an internal storage. The first time I plugged it in, /e/OS asked me how I wanted to use it, and so I selected “use it as an internal storage”.
The thing is that I can’t move on it most of my app. Besides, I can’t choose it as a storage for my pictures as it doesn’t appear in the file explorer… The interest is very limited. Spotify is using 4go on my storage and I can’t move it to the sd card. Same for the pictures.
What should I do ? Is it normal ?

Thx for your help !

Best not to try to use as Internal and use it as External, portable.

It seems a fairly regular thing for /e/OS [1] (and Custom ROMs in general, idk).

There is a nice article here about the subject A little guide to… using SD cards.

Getting a backup off the card may be difficult … I had the issue and did get some data off it, abandoned the rest and formatted the card FAT 32 on a PC. I was able to reuse it.



So, that’s not normal ? I mean, I can switch some app from the SD to internal, but most of them just don’t have the option when going in the storage part in the apps settings in the main settings. But it isn’t recognized in the file explorer. Is it even possible that it bugs like that ? My SD card was brand new and I doubt it could be defective…

Oh god. According to your site, it’s not good using it as an internal storage… But that’s what I did, unfortunately. How can I save my data ? I want to reformat it…
Well, finally it was explained in the article, and so I reformatted it as an external storage. It’s really better now, as I can save my photo there and put my Spotify data in it. Thanks for your help !!


I am curious, how much data can you save on your sim card?

My sdcard actually has 150go of storage. That’s why I’m very concern about its ability to work correctly. :sweat_smile:
My phone has “only” 32 go, and I used to have issues with photos.
Oh, I’m sorry, I understand SD card… I don’t know for the SIM. There’s storage for my contacts, but I don’t think there’s that much place…

No I am sorry! Don’t know why I am thinking sim card instead of SD card!

Just for the curious of us … 8 KB to 256 KB according to Wikipedia :wink: .