Car sharing app Miles uses wrong location

I’ve experienced the same issue in Munich on a FP4. A few weeks ago the center of the map was only a few kilometres away, now it’s Kassel.

No solution yet.

the linked microg github issue was adressed, adding missing parts in play-services-maps. Will see a release with microg 0.2.27 and then one of the next /e/ releases with or after v1.7

(I had obfuscating map layer effects with “de.bahn.callabike”, changes made read like they could fix that too)

Right now, when starting the app the map is centered close to Schiphol Airport but without a marker; after a few moments it changes to the correct location with marker.

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After the last update to /e/OS 1.8.1, it seems that Miles is working correctly. I didn’t try it with renting a car so far, but the center button takes me to the GPS position, so the problem seems to be solved!

I rented a car last week, works perfectly. :wink:

I was trying to use Miles for the first time today and just could not manage to open the car. It kept telling me I was 14k away, even though my location (blue dot) was showing correctly on the Miles app map. I’m still on eos 1.5, can’t seem to figure out how to update. Anybody finally get this working?

Everything works fine on my phone since a few month. So it might be that an update will solve your problem.