Carddav 401 - to many simultaneous connections

Hi community,

first I like to thank you for your great OS-port. Because XIAOMI doesn’t get MIUI13/A11 working on MI8, I was looking for an Android with recent security patches. Additionally I use a touchscreen replacement and all other custom roms stuck in the same issue XIAOMI does: “dead display after device lock…reboot needed or always on display (AOD) must be activated”.

You does something different - it works for me perfectly :slight_smile:
But I have one anoying problem. The caldav/darddav synchronisation in accountmanager is always unsuccessful at 1st try. I have to retry and than it works perfectly immediately.

The error displays: 401 - wrong password or 401 - to many simultaneous connections.
It does’nt matter what synchronisation interval I configure, this error appears round about 46x times a day.

Is there a solutoin for me? I read the forum and altered the background-permissions + activated the synchronisation that way you suggest it for XIAOMI devices.

Thanks in advance