CardDav|CalDav Config for Murena Cloud

I can not find the configuration settings for using my Murena Cloud contacts and calendars on non-eOS devices. Can someone point me to caldav and carddav configurations settings for Murena Cloud.

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you’ll find this on your Murena account by clicking on settings on the Agenda page and on the Contact page.

Thank you for following up. I did look in this location and did not find anything about carddav or caldav configurations. To offer a bit more detail, I am trying to add my account to my MacOS Accounts list. I have been able to add the Email & Notes access. I have not been able to add Contacts or Calendar to my MacOS Accounts list. Is there a carddav or caldav configuration from the service?

I answered my own question. On my iOS device, when setting up a new Account in Settings; I selected Other. In the domain, I used Then added my email address and password. The account setup the CardDAV automatically. I did the same for the calendar. Both setup appropriate settings for CardDAV and CalDAV. Thank you!

It’s hidden on, but as it uses Nextcloud…
You can download this directly, after you are logged in:

This will work on iOS and on Mac

(Just adding this info for other users)

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