Carelessly Lockout my Account

Hi Team,

Would like to request for help regarding my account. My phone is Lenovo s5 pro and I’m using the GSI version of /e/. I successfully install the v0.19 and used it for quite a while. During my at v0.19 I used andotp app and setup token auth to access my account and it was working fine.

When v0.22 came out, I rushed to update my phone not thinking to have a backup key to my account. Or disabling the auth token app first before wiping my phone.

Now my dilemma is I forgot where I store my backup key o if I ever created one. When I’m now trying to access my account, besides from my password it will ask for the token from the previous setup of andotp which has been wiped out.

I know its my fault and I’m to blame for my carelessness but is there a way for me to access the account and start over again? The account is my primary email since I joined the /e/ wagon since 2019. Really appreciate your help. I still have my app token it did accept it when I’m setting up my account to newly install /e/. It did sync my notes and contacts. But the mail app still not loading my emails.

I can still access my emails using the thunderbird app for desktop.


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If you can access your emails from ThunderBirs, then you may retrieve your /e/ cloud password from there (“Saved Password”).
Then you may try to go to and review/change settings …

Hi. I know my password, its just that whenever I logged in via browser it asked for the token from auth app in which I recklessly lost. I don’t have a backup code that I can use.

You may write to, maybe they can administratively disable 2FA/OTP on your account …

Will try that. Thank you.