CAT S22 and other Android Go or flip phones

I just noticed that CAT has released a new flip phone, the S22. It looks interesting and it made me wonder if the /e/ GSI would work on an Android Go phone and/or a flip phone. I saw on one review that they do allow Developer Options.
How would the secondary screen work? Presumably not at all without some extra work from the OS. It does have a touch screen unlike some other Android Go phones, for example the Sonim XP3Plus.

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This was moved to Request a Device which is ok but it is a more general question about how the /e/GSI would work with a phone with more buttons than just volume and power.
The AGM M5, M7 etc have a basic Android with Play Store which I suppose people here would appreciate but you can’t install your own apps like Signal etc and my worry is the software might be siphoning off your data to some other source.
Is there any custom ROM like Lineage that has worked on phones with a number pad with arrow buttons as well as a touch screen?

*without Play Store (no Goolag Play Services)