Cat S52 - cat phones - survival phones

Hello community,

Please, can you support the Cat phones? I think Cat phones and /e/OS = the perfect survival phone.
I have a Cat S52, this one:

It would be great if you could support the Cat S52 phone!

Thank you so much and best regards

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This device is not supported officially by LineageOS, and a search of XDA forums doesn’t turn up any custom ROMs at all, and no sign of an unofficial LOS ROM. So there is very little chance of an /e/ ROM specifically for this device ever appearing, as /e/ is built on LOS

An internet search for cat s52 custom rom turns up this page, which talks about installing an AOSP GSI on this phone. If that works, then it is possible that the /e/ GSI will also run.

I can’t really help any further as my knowledge of GSIs consists of knowing:

  1. That GSI stands for Generic System Image. i.e. an image intended to run on any device (that supports GSIs);
  2. That GSIs are unlikely to fully use any special features of a phone.

Try searching this forum for GSI, and see what others are doing. Alternatively, start with the linked article, and see if you can get an AOSP GSI working on your phone. If you can’t then the chances of an /e/ GSI working are pretty small. Good luck!

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Thank you for the great help, petefoth! I will try it!