Caterpilar CAT S61

What about a phone with a thermalcamera instead of N normal cameras…

Hi guys,
first of all, thanks for that awesome ROM! So far I think I will never ever use another ROM on my smartphones.
But as my HTC One is about to die, I was thinking about getting the CAT® S61. Are you planning to get ROM Support for the brilliant CAT Devices?



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Hello @theSilverFish
Glad to read you enjoy /e/OS on your HTC and sad to read about its upcoming death.
We don’t support phones from the CAT brand and I don’t think sources would be available for these phones to start with.
That being said you can make a request to support this phone in this section: Request a Device - /e/ community
We evaluate requests based on user feedback and availability of sources.

Best regards.

Hi Alex,

I actually decided to give the Fairphone3 a try and turn in my HTC for the discount =) Can’t think of a phone without running /e/




Thanks for your trust!
Have a good one.

My Cat S61 Phone is not listed

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