Caviats of manually signing and relocking bootloader on OnePlus 7 Pro

Hey there,

I’m looking into the option of manually signing my bootloader through magisk and un- / relocking the bootloader every time an update comes up. I plan to do so via shell script on my linux machine to make things quick and comfortable.
However, since the relock option was taken out of the dev options, I wonder if there’s a technical reason other than stopping people from accidentally bricking their devices. As I know of the danger and got the msm tool at hand for unbricking in case I screw up I find it reasonable to relock the bootloader for better security.

Can anyone tell me if there’s any /e/-specific thing I’d have to be aware about before signing and relocking my OnePlus 7 Pro’s bootloader via adb shell? Any help is much appreciated. :slight_smile: