Cellular networks: data roaming: can I set a default network

When roaming in Poland, the data is working for me ONLY with polish operator t-mobile (due to my operator i guess), and /e/ is connecting to another operator so I need to manually select t-mobile every time i reconnect (when leaving airplane mode for example). Doesn’t Android have a way set up an operator as default?

Just try uncheck “select network automatically” option in mobile network settings, maybe they called different, but i not use /e/ in English so i can tell, but there is such option.

I don’t find the option. Can anyone with an english setup help?

Thanks @anon64684597.
I don’t have Settings-> Network and Internet.
I have Android Nougat. Is that the reason?

Unofficial builds availiable

Also my unofficial oreo and pie builds for FP2 availiable

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Hey @cedricoola

I’m also from Poland and I have similar problem with data connection on my FP3. Thanks for sharing!

Hopefully you find a solution. I’m not in Poland now and don’t remember how this got solved.

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