Unofficial oreo build for FP2

Hi @cedricoola the reason is development on the Lineage side is dependent on users called Device-Maintainers. They usually own these devices and help build the ROM’s for them. These maintainers also maintain the device tree files on git-hub. These are critical files for the ROM building. They also apply the latest google security patches as and when they come in. Some of them even do a basic level of debugging for the device issues.
Now after a couple of days some DM’s loose interest or something happens to their device or the buy a new one and stop building the ROM’s. This is when Lineage drops support for those particular devices. In the case of /e/ we are dependent on DM’s as well as build for devices on our own. The advantage is we are not dependent on DM’s the disadvantage is in some cases we end up building blindly ( where we do not have the device). In the case of FP may be the user base for nougat is small or the fix in Nougat code is not possible due to various reasons.
At /e/ we are trying to remove this dependency on Lineage Device Maintainers and maintain our own device files. That though will take time.

Thank you very much @Manoj . It’s a bit clearer now.
I see that a version of Lineage Os 16 exists. This is Oreo isn’t it? Why is /e/ for FP2 not forked from this version?

LOS is Pie. LOS 15.1 is Oreo. The upgrade of the /e/ code for Pie development has just started. There is a unofficial build of FP2 with oreo code here in case you want to test it out. I built it to test the builds were happening. Do not have a FP2 so did not test it myself. Shared it with of my friends on the support team to test it out.

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I understand that the /e/ team works on the developpement of different versions of /e/, each forked from a different Lineageos version including the latest ones. The FP2 already has a Lineageos Oreo running, so I would assume that /e/ version is also Oreo. But no, because device-maintainers have to make the specific Lineageos version work together with its respective /e/ version that /e/ team has made ready. Is that correct?

My congratulations! I’ve installed it and it works fine!

Just “calendar” app has crashed twice.

@ff2u Nice! great job!:wink:

Well, all credits to @Manoj who did the build! :slight_smile:

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Hi @ff2u thanks for testing the ROM. Thanks also for letting me know that Calendar was crashing. Let me check if the correct apk’s are referenced.

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How does it work to install it? Just click the link to download it on my phone and open the file on my phone? If it’s more than this then maybe i’m not the right public for testing. Thanks for your kind help and advice.

No the build has to be flashed manually with TWRP. It will not install via OTA.

Ok, i can probably manage that, as I did it when installing /e/ the first time. I’ll look into it

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What is the next step to go from a trial version to an official one that replaces Nougat on the FP2?

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It is the same as for all the rest. You request for a device build here - which you have already done. The more the requests the better the chances of an official build.

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Thanks @ff2u for testing the build for the FP2 out. I had built it using Docker.

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Hi @ff2u please can you let me know what was the OS version on the FP2 when it was factory reset. We will need the info to share with users when we release the builds officially.

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What’s the BRANCH_NAME you used? “v1-pie”?

Hi @ff2u the Pi/e/ branch is as of now only for internal testing. We still need to integrate all apps and services to it. Will be opening it up to all users ASAP.

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