Censorship on /e/ website and poor convictions!


Just wanted to post here as I think existing//future users of /e/ should be aware that promise of /e/ to deGAFAM you is pretty fake at my eyes !
-> First they don’t accept comment on their website (posted a comment on that update from /e/ https://e.foundation/safer-internet-day-twitter-giveaway-terms-and-conditions/ and comment never got approved, just silently deleted)
-> Second you promise to get people free of GAFAM but you use GAFAM for your promotion like Twitter and organising contests on them so you approve their bad behaviour to do which makes a complete non-sense with official promises of /e/…

I had some great hopes considering who is the founder of that project but it looks like it won’t keep up on promises :frowning:

That message will probably be deleted as comment that just disappeared…



When campaigning for election, is it more effective to speak in the town square or on the top of a distant mountain?


I agree but if your speak/actions are not reflecting your official position it’s counter-productive ! /e/ is in position I think where it could also help on move to switch away from these commercial networks to real social open networks (Mastodon…) and focus its marketing on using these alternative social networks (it could be in a parallel way and was just thinking for example for that contest: you promote it on twitter but it forwards you on open social network if you really want to participate and get all details…


I agree that /e/ promotion should be done on e.g. Mastodon but it should also be done where the majority of potential users are. Currently, although I wish it weren’t so, that is Twitter, Facebook, et al. It’s no good shouting into the void if you want to be heard.


It is true that /e/ has some serious problems with transparency/communication and that they happen to censor comments or questions when they feel they are sensitive.
I have experimented it myself (here: Please stop logging IP addresses with searx /e/ spot) when simply asking if their searx instance was still logging users IP addresses, after having raised this issue and we still have no official answer (it was a simple yes or no question) nor explanation about why it happened in the first place. I even got my comment abusively hidden for pointing out the /e/ team member’s own contradictions.

Indeed /e/'s way to handle problems is terrible but still I think they have to promote their solution on mainstream platforms. It is the only way to reach still non conscious people. Also using the enemy’s tools against it totally makes sense.


Here is another good example
(I must post a picture because I’m not allowed to post links. …what is really strange)


For your request that they are on Mastodon: There is a presence there

The promise is true, once you turn on the phone you’re free from GAFAM.
De-GAFAMing as a totalitarian system is near impossible, people have tried it and failed: https://gizmodo.com/c/goodbye-big-five

Serious naïvety stating that disapproving of GAFAM means you should not use it at all, especially if what you’re doing is trying to reduce peoples reliance on it. /e/ needs to be seen and /e/ needs to be heard, advertising and presence works in getting users and customers.
It’s why people shifted to signal and not XMPP or Matrix with the Whatsapp debacle a few weeks ago.

If no-one knows, no-one can use it.


This is not a good example at all, you are spamming every topic with your personal forum issues. Contact a forum admin and stop whining please.


Why do you have multiple accounts? we all know who you are Harvey.

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You are bashing the forum, if you stop doing that i will stop too.


Yeah, it is. Whereas with /e/ there are two main actors. And if I mention their names, everyone can imagine what happens. It remains to be seen until more e’sympathis/e/rs leave.


Please stop spamming that topic with non relevant remark and it looks like you didn’t read the initial message, it’s not about personal issues as you state ! (profile reported for spam !). End of out-topic here guys :expressionless:


Good luck to attract more people if you don’t communicate where they are (GAFAM sites and tools).


I myself don’t read on USAmerican so-called social media à la Twitter & Co. However, marketing must also take place there in order to address potential interested parties. In the sense of @Vaughan: »If the mountain won’t come to the prophet, the prophet must go to the mountain»« (saying from the Orient)


OK, my post was an answer to @Popescu posts. If you think it was offtopic, OK. But for me it looks like the topic was the “censorship”. But it seems I was wrong.
So I will stop til I have something to post something what better fits.

Response from the team that posts these topics : Ideally it would be great if we could do contests on mastodon. Sadly the platform features do not permit to efficiently host and track this kind of operation.
And then there’s always the issue, that many on Mastodon and alternative platforms are already aware of the issues around data privacy . if we want to be able to raise awareness with others, we need to be where those people are…
There are some posts in this thread which are off-topic and were flagged by some of the users. I have ignored the flags as others have responded to the posts and hiding these off topic posts will create gaps in the thread. All the same I request forum users to avoid bringing personal issues on the forum. Pl stick to the topic of the thread.


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