Change App Lounge Logo?

A request to /e/, Murena to please consider changing the App Longe logo.

It’s so similar in colour and shape to the play store logo it’s obviously on purpose but I don’t understand why… the entire purpose of /e/ is to get away from google.
Just looking at the App Lounge logo makes me think ‘google’ straight away, which will be annoying if I see it every time I use my phone.

Would have posted this on Gael’s announcement but that thread is closed.

/e/ :rocket:



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Hmmm, where do most apps in App Lounge come from?
The design of the app logo is a smart way to visualize this.

If you prefer not to have apps from Google Play on your phone, better use
or Aurora Droid
Two app stores with no relation to Google - neither in the logo nor in the available apps.

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I don’t see a problem, as long as apparently this here is no problem either …



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How is the letter ‘A’ a similar shape to the Play Store logo. Not even close unless it fell over and filled in. IMO ofc.

When I first saw the App Lounge icon I actually thought of the AuroraOSS logo. Guess we all see things differently.