Change caeffine to simple on off toggle switch

Hello team,
Majority of the time spent on my cell is on reading articles, books, etc., I don’t understand the caeffine feature starting with a default timer of 5 minutes. Instead I would prefer it to be a simple on off toggle switch. I don’t want my screen to lock or go to sleep especially reading as I find the experience very annoying. Sometimes I might have to read certain portions slowly without any scroll or navigation as the text may be contextually heavy and I might be taking time to read them slowly for better understanding. So a timer settings of default five minutes doesn’t help. Instead a simple on off toggle switch might better serve the need. Thank you.

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You can tap the Caffeine icon in the status bar multiple times.

  • 1st tap = 5:00 min
  • 2nd tap = 10:00 min
  • 3rd tap = 30:00 min
  • 4th tap = ∞
  • 5th tap = back to the beginning

In order to see the duration, expand the status bar downwards.


Aha! Never knew that. Thank you. They could have made it simple and intuitive rather than leaving the user to explore like some hidden feature.