Change from dev version branch to stable version branch without reinstalling

Hi all,
I installed a dev version of /e/ ( on my old Galaxy S9+ and gave it to my sister so she can try an open source android OS.
Shortly after I gave it to her, the smartphone she used on a daily base died, so she had to change to /e/ involuntarily from one moment to another and installed all needed Apps etc and organized the phone for her needs.
Despite some difficulties she is happy with /e/ and thinks about keeping it.
But as I mentioned I installed an dev version because it was never meant to be a permanent device.

This brings me to my question: Do dev versions get OTA updates? And is there a way to change from the dev versions to the stable versions without reinstalling /e/ on the device?
Updating the device without OTA is not an option for her and a well tested OS would be better so no tinkering during every day life is needed.

Thank you all for your help

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no, installing is installing

if you want to install a stable ZIP without having to format /data, starting from your dev Q,
because actual stable is Oreo, and it has a different tree as Q
you need to wait for the stable Q (maybe 2 weeks, but maybe more, we say 2 weeks since a year !)
Why the stable Q is not yet released is because the team want to deliver an OTA upgrade without loosing data


Thank you for the straight forward answer.
Thats unfortunate but sounds like a clear cut and reinstalling the stable versions is the easiest option.
Thank you piero!

Your sister may be perfectly happy with dev! She will be asking you for help anyway, from time to time.

I believe the bar for stable is quite high at this time, because the change up to Android 10 involves quite big security issues, in the case of someone who already chose the stable channel.

/e/ has a high bar anyway for stable.

/e/ has a high bar for release!

I suggest, in the case you find out your sister has got used to Android 10 and is happy, the downgrade to Oreo might be unnecessary!

Will you be called on more often for dev than stable; who knows. /e/ has its quirks, but sending out a dev build which is not reliable in /e/ terms is not one of them. (IMHO).

To put it another way, even our volunteer testers are not given test builds to test, they may only test pre release dev builds - so β€œdev” has a different meaning in different environments!

Edit, one point to add! I would tend not to apply an update in the first few days of release! Some current planned improvements could lead to instability on certain devices. One always hopes that any such probs will have been caught by testers. :slightly_smiling_face: