Change phone number in Telegram FOSS

I’ve been using Telegram FOSS for ages on a Fairphone 3, now with Android 12 and /e/OS 1.15. (Telegram-FOSS v10.0.9 (3873))

I just got a new SIM card i.e. also new number. I put both SIMs in the phone.
But the Telegram options for changing my number didn’t work. Tried a few methods, no luck.
What I have now: Telegram (standard) installed from downloaded APK - took out old SIM and left new one in, so Telegram installed like a new account, and then in settings did “Add Account” and now all the existing chats are there.

But I would like to use the FOSS version! Closed the new (standard) Telegram and opened the FOSS version, was asked to confirm the other account using the old number was also me, and then I tried the “Change number” option - of course got the error message that the new number I entered was already in use in a different account.

Any ideas about how I can get the FOSS Telegram to use the new number? Ideally with all existing chats intact, I mean. If that’s possible…


PS: I’ve also posted this on GitHub.

that must’ve been your entry -

That wasn’t me! But do you think it’s the same problem?

I posted my problem at the end if someone else’s thread that seemed to describe something similar. I could link it if it’s of interest, bug not right now :slight_smile: