Change system webview/

Is it possible to change the system webview?

I ask, because my friend shares with me a chromium system webview, installable as an .apk.

It’s special since it has ad blocking built in, so how can I switch the system webview in /e/os?

Hi, i changed my webview from chromium to bromite webview but i have root, so i installed it via f-droid (you need to add bromite repository). I think root is necessary for this operation.

The simple method that does not require root is to flash BromiteWebView via recovery from:
The packages are outdated, but after installed it can be updated.

So root only if you don’t use recovery. Good to know.

Thanks. Do i need root to do recovery? What is nanodroid?

And what if my bootloader was uatomaticly locked after installing eos?

Do i need root to do recovery? What is nanodroid?
You do not need to flash or enter recovery mode.

And what if my bootloader was automatically locked after installing eos?
Depends on your phone model, you can easily check by re-booting into fastboot

To resume it; you either need a rooted phone or to enter e/os recovery (or TWRP) to correctly replace the stock Webview with Bromite WebView.

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