Change volume while on speaker


I’m trying to change the volume while speaker is on during a phone call, but nothing happens when I use the volume buttons. I’m using an FP3 with preinstalled /e/. Is this a known bug or do I control this in some setting? I can’t seem to find any setting for it.

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Changing the volume on a call when the main speaker is off is possible, but when it’s on I don’t know…
I didn’t see anybody reporting this issue (but the number of person who wants to reduce the volume of a call when speaker is on is quite limited).

Not only reduce it, also increase it. I can’t change the volume at all. I went to sound settings during a call, and changed all the different volume sliders, but none affect the volume of the speakers during a phone call, and neither do the volume buttons on the side of the phone, so maybe that feature isn’t implemented yet.

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Yes I think it’s not possible.
Can you at least change the volume when the main speaker is off ? (So when earphone/call speaker is used).

Yes, when speaker is off I can change the volume without problem.

This feature doesn’t exist then, I guess the volume when speaker is on is at maximum and can’t be changed because usually people who activate speaker want a loud sound.

You could request this feature is the gitlab.

Hi guys,

I observed the same behavior and the workaround had been to disable the speaker, change the volume and reactivate the speaker.
@Anonyme, @Propoxi, I didn’t find anything in the gitlab. Did you posted any proposal for that?
Or I missed something?
So is it something we have to post directlty in gitlab or before in Feature Request section?

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I have the same problem (BQ Aquaris X2 Pro).

I’m also suffering from this very annoying issue on FP3. Please post a link to the bug report.

On my side the issue disappeared with updates of /e/ on Sony Xperia Z3 compact.
Now if I do a call & enable the speaker mode, the sound is at the highest level.
I can decrease and after increase the sound level as I want.
/e/ version : 20220218.065946