Change "Wall of Shame" to something that sets a better example for users

If this were a project made by a few people in school, then (even though I still don’t find it funny) such words might not be a big deal. However, this is a large scale project that lots of people use.

I think “Wall of Shame” is not fit for such a large project as this. If this really is a project that “stands for its users”, it shouldn’t only do so in terms of privacy, but also in terms of using of respectful language that doesn’t “shame” it’s users. Even if “meant as an inside joke”, those don’t work if distributing a project to random users.

Talking about “A Wall of Shame has been added to the homepage to identify the most leaking apps and trackers” from


A suggestion for an alternative name might be “warning list” or something like that, to communicate a different intent, not “to shame the target” but to inform and protect the user.


wall of shame also sounds a bit melodramatic in my ears

(plus the given information is more or less redundant to view all apps only that it sums up all recognised attempts to leak data per app and shows top 5)

or maybe Anti Privacy Ranking or Data Leakage High Score

my other 2cents on WoS over here: Feedback for v2.0 - #125 by obacht

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Could you please explain what you mean by this in more detail? As you quoted later in the post:

I fail to see how shaming an app somehow implies users are being shamed, as well.