Changelogs doesn't fit to builds

Excuse me, i did not find a better category … :frowning:

There seems to be something wrong :
When i look in the download-directories for the builds of Redmi Note 4 “mido”
and look in the first line of “” for the changelog, there is a link to
“” - which doesn’t fit to the build.
It is the same issue at Wileyfox Swift - “crackling” and Xiaomi Poco F1 - “beryllium”.

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The missing changelogs are a known problem which should hopefully be solved soon:

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Yes the next dev build which should come out this week should have the new changelogs.


The latest dev builds have the changelogs . Have a look at the screenshot below. Dev builds should be available for devices OTA and download

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Thank you very much, manoj,

for the security-patches of June.

But the changelog of the latest build is again an old one …

You can look at the changelog here :


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