Changing colours in SMS (and other) app(s)


I am a very happy user of an /e/-FP3+, and recently got a /e/-FP3 for my mum as well.

What I am struggling with though is that it does not seem possible to change the colour scheme for a lot of default apps.

What bothers my mum the most is that she dislikes the blue speech bubbles in the SMS app. I know this is possible in vanilla QKSMS, so I am really surprised it is missing in /e/’s fork of it.

On a similar note, some apps don’t seem to follow the colour scheme at all. E.g. the contacts and phone apps don’t even change colour, even if you explicitly enable night dark mode in the main settings.

Some consistency and/or options would be very welcome :slight_smile:

Are we on the same page here?

Night mode tints the screen to eliminate blue light. I think what you want is a dark theme? My /e/ is set to dark theme and contacts and phone app follow the scheme.

Try settings - Display - Dark Theme (switch to On)

That is what I did, yes (I apologise, not using English in the UI). For some reason, the

FP3, bought from /e/ shop, and updated to latest version.

When e.g. the phone app launches, it does flicker a dark screen for a moment, but shows as standard light theme right away, when it finish loading.

Here is an example of the phone and settings windows open in dark mode on FP3+, stock pre-installed /e/OS version 0.15-20210317…

Before /e/OS v0.15 Phone and other pre-installed apps were available in dark mode (at least on Android 10). It has already been reported on GitLab.

As for the color scheme, I have the same problem. One can change the scheme on Android 10, but it does not apply to /e/ apps. I do not know if anyone has opened an issue for this. If you wanted, you could ask for it here.

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