Changing /e/ email address - can't find solution

Hi! I input what I thought was a screenname or username into the set up when creating my email address but it has created it AS the email address - and it is a silly name - so I need to change it, as I am degoogling and this would like this to be my professional email address. Help?!

Hi @Sam_D follow the instructions given here. Since you already have experience of creating the account just follow the same procedure
Remember - No Small case upper case combination in the name or special characters like umlauts
The documentation at eWiki is also being updated to include this detail.
Once your new account is created send a mail to from the email ID you want to delete and we shall have it removed.

Thanks Manoj!! Much appreciated. I can’t ask for a new account to the same email address though - it says I am already registered - can I delete the existing account BEFORE creating the new one? Should I email from both my registered email address AND the /e/ one I want to delete? Really very sorry if this is me being slow.

Hi @Sam_D you can do the following

  • Send a mail from the account you want to delete to
  • This is to verify that the ID belongs to you.
  • Once we get the mail we will delete it.
  • Create a new different /e/ account with a username that you want
  • No need to send the mail from your registered email. for e.g. if you create an /e/ ID registering with a gmail ID ( i did !! ) no need to send a mail from the gmail ID. Send a mail from the /e/ ID you want to delete.
  • Yes you can delete the existing account Before you create the new one
    Hope that clarifies.
    We are working on making the delete process user driven but there is some development still to be done there.

Done. Thank you so much I appreciate your help a lot - have a great day/eve wherever you are in the world, I’ll log back on tomorrow to create the new one so you have time to delete the old one.

Hi again Manoj, it’s been a few days now and I still cannot create a new account from this link with the same email address I used to register before - it tells me ‘Sorry! Your email was found as already registered.’ Can this be rectified pls? I’d like to create my new account… Thank you!

Hi Sam ,
Pl can you message me and send details of the ID you used to create the email and I can have the technical team look at this.
You can message me by clicking on my name in the profile…the blue button with ‘Message’ written sends the mail to me separately.

There is no blue button saying message anywhere on your name or your profile… when I’m in your profile your name doesn’t click through to anything it is just the words with no hyperlink.

No issues I sent you a message. Please check and reply back on that.

I don’t have a message from you. My registered email address is samdoddsydodd [at] hotmail dot co dot uk
Thank you so much for your help with this

Thanks Sam. Have passed your details to the dev team. Will revert with their update by Monday (tomorrow) when they are back in office.

Tyvm, you’re amazing :slight_smile: :smile:

Hi Sam,

I need the original account you created by mistake. I want to make sure everything is cleaned up since we had an error in the delete process. Then I will send you a new registration link to that address and you’ll be able to create a new one.


Thanks Arnau! It was damn_sod@

any luck, arnauvp? :blush:

Hi @Sam_D are you still facing an issue on this?

F.Y.I @arnauvp

Hey Manoj (and arnauvp) yes unfortunately I am - I can no longer get into the damn_sod [at] account I created, but I also cannot create a new one with my registered email address samdoddsydodd [at] hotmail dot co dot uk because it is still saying ‘Sorry! Your email was found as already registered.’

Hi @arnauvp my assumption was that we had checked in the fix for this issue last week…Pl can you check what could have happened here.

Sorry guys, I thought I had done this already. Please check your hotmail inbox now, you should have received a new signup link.


Did you receive and follow the link, @Sam_D?