Changing Gallery App

I would like to change my photo application and gallery because they are not flexible enough. I would like to use Pixtica which has its own gallery, is it possible to use it while keeping the possibility of synchronizing the images in the cloud? If so, how should I do it? Thanks

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I would not expect any problems. The system apps, Camera and Gallery can remain and I see no reason for any issue with sync to eCloud.

Perhaps start using it, as if to test the features; see if all is well. I have installed it, I will comment if issues arise.

Update, intrusive buttons and links are present

Same experience here. The app has many funny features (mainly for social media) but some won’t work. Slow motion for example won’t work.
Apart from that many features like store on SD card need a paid subscription.
Trackers are there too.

Open Camera and snapseed are sufficient for me. However, this is not compareable to this app.