Changing Icon Themes

Is there anyway to change the icon themes? Really all I’m trying to do is change the Phone-Dialer app away from green. If anyone knows how to change it or the icons in general, I’d appreciate your input.

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There is some possibilities :

Snow (A monotone icon pack.)

Arcticons Dark (A monotone line-based icon pack)

Arcticons Light (A monotone line-based icon pack)

Frost (Pack d’icônes monotones)

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Hello I’m afraid i too would like to change the horrid icons on screen to something more . . . well just less janky ! I can find the icon packs, I can download them, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to actually do it . . .

Any one with a clue, know what they are doing could help a poor old man out ?

Thank you.

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Personally I don’t know how it’s really works since I like the native /e/os icons them. I can just show you some icons package on f droid like above in the thread.


I don’t know of any icon packs compatible with the Bliss launcher

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Maybe one have to chnage the launcher first like “lawnchair” or “kiss launcher” before changing icon pack.

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Yeah you can change the launcher and then easily change the icons, but as someone who came over from iOS, I really like the Bliss launcher.

There are a number of launchers that behave like Bliss/iOS that don’t use an app drawer. Some of the tried and true, like Nova, offer a choice on first start.

It’s too bad that Lawndesk (Lawnchair without app drawer) never made it past v1 but might be worth checking out. I remember it being able to auto-categorize apps into folders. Available from App Lounge.

One could search for “ios launcher” but most of what i’ve seen are ad-ridden affairs so I’ve never checked them out.

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Lol I’ve searched for iOS launcher before and there are no good options in the app store. That’s why I was glad when I found the Bliss launcher back when I was using Calyxos. Bliss is certainly the best overall iOS launcher I’ve found.

If someone found something, I just want to change Message icon :slight_smile:

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I may be wrong, but I don’t think it’s trivial to change the appearance of a single icon without some advanced computer skills. ^^

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When i jailbreaked my iPhone, it was easy to change just 1 icon. So I think on Android it’s possible too.

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