Changing Icon Themes

Is there anyway to change the icon themes? Really all I’m trying to do is change the Phone-Dialer app away from green. If anyone knows how to change it or the icons in general, I’d appreciate your input.

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There is some possibilities :

Snow (A monotone icon pack.)

Arcticons Dark (A monotone line-based icon pack)

Arcticons Light (A monotone line-based icon pack)

Frost (Pack d’icônes monotones)


Hello I’m afraid i too would like to change the horrid icons on screen to something more . . . well just less janky ! I can find the icon packs, I can download them, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to actually do it . . .

Any one with a clue, know what they are doing could help a poor old man out ?

Thank you.


Personally I don’t know how it’s really works since I like the native /e/os icons them. I can just show you some icons package on f droid like above in the thread.


I don’t know of any icon packs compatible with the Bliss launcher


Maybe one have to chnage the launcher first like “lawnchair” or “kiss launcher” before changing icon pack.


Yeah you can change the launcher and then easily change the icons, but as someone who came over from iOS, I really like the Bliss launcher.

There are a number of launchers that behave like Bliss/iOS that don’t use an app drawer. Some of the tried and true, like Nova, offer a choice on first start.

It’s too bad that Lawndesk (Lawnchair without app drawer) never made it past v1 but might be worth checking out. I remember it being able to auto-categorize apps into folders. Available from App Lounge.

One could search for “ios launcher” but most of what i’ve seen are ad-ridden affairs so I’ve never checked them out.


Lol I’ve searched for iOS launcher before and there are no good options in the app store. That’s why I was glad when I found the Bliss launcher back when I was using Calyxos. Bliss is certainly the best overall iOS launcher I’ve found.

If someone found something, I just want to change Message icon :slight_smile:


I may be wrong, but I don’t think it’s trivial to change the appearance of a single icon without some advanced computer skills. ^^


When i jailbreaked my iPhone, it was easy to change just 1 icon. So I think on Android it’s possible too.


i don´t know but maybe you could build the bliss icon pack yourself and sign it with the same key the developers do. clone e / os / BlissIconPack · GitLab and replace the png files at src/main/res/drawable-xxhdpi-v4. if you don’t sign it with the same key it won’t install

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Hey there!
I didnt reylly understand, ii it possible to use the Bliss icon pack on Lineage for example? And where would I find it?