Chat GPT concerns

Chat GPT sounds like they’ve made a lot of progress on “A.I.”. Within two or three years, supposedly they’re set to replace a lot of jobs, and is the biggest technical advancement since the smartphone.

Privacy might be a concern, but it’s not my biggest concern. I assume /e/ users will find a way to access A.I. benefits without giving away very much of their personal information.

What I’m concerned about is the coming reduction of search results (and other ways I have of gathering information on a topic) to a single, approved channel of messaging. Society is already full of people who press a button, ask their phone a question, and rely on the answer. In Hong Kong apps are already used for everything, and webpage use is rare. Mature A.I. technology, and over-reliance on “ok google” - when all input becomes curated by a trained A.I. model, how will I be able to research and come to my own informed decisions? I would very much prefer that I be the one to train the A.I. that I would soon need to use, rather than someone else training it deciding they know better than me what is best for me.

Would love to hear the /e/ community’s thoughts.

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