Checking status of requested app


I requested some apps 3-4 weeks ago. Where do I see the status of those requests?

The app code for the respective app are:
no.apps.dnbnor (DNB)
no.dnb.vipps (Vipps)
no.dnb.spare (Spare)

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With 0.22r (February update) and Magisk installed, I have Vipps (from Aurora store) working on my phone. It didn’t work without Magisk (also have to enable it in the DenyList in Magisk).

with 0.23r Vipps works without Magisk on my Fairphone 4

Tried your solution, but it seems like it might have been patched.

Here’s my installation of Magisk:

I do get a different erro code now than before, instead of it being just “1”:

If anything seems off, do let me know!

I have “Enforce DenyList” checked (in Settings) and checked off Vipps in the DenyList. Without that, it doesn’t work for me either. (Did the same with “Nice NFC Ticket”, which is an NFC-based ticket app for Lignes d’Azure, the Nice-region in France, and it worked like a charm as well)

I also think I have the “Hide Magisk” setting on, but I don’t really think that’s the clincher.

I finally got Vipps to work with the help of a module in magisk called shamiko. However, everytime I close the vipps now, I get prompted with this: (PS. The only way to bypass this si to go through the pain-staking effort of logging in with bankid instead of just a pin of biometrics).